Twitter Distraction

For as long as I can remember, I have been a Miami Dolphins fan and a Michigan Wolverine fan.  So, you can imagine how excited I was when Chad Henne, from Michigan, was drafted by the Miami Dolphins.  Now, Henne is the starting Quarterback and the future of the franchise (and a great one I might add).

Lately, I have enjoyed following Chad Henne on Twitter.  But, I was briefly saddened this morning when I read one of his latest Twitter posts:

Planning on deleting Twitter.  I want to focus on my team and no Twitter excuses.

I was really looking forward to see what Henne had to say each week after the games.  But…it did not take long for the latter portion of his post to sink in.  “I want to focus on my team and no Twitter excuses.”  For Henne, the most important think (as Training Camp opens this weekend) is to focus on the upcoming season of football…and Twitter may serve as a distraction.  I can respect that…because I know about distractions.

Whether they are distractions from leading my congregation, distractions from being the husband I need to be, or distractions from being the father my kids deserve…distractions abound.  They are prevalent in my life…and they are prevalent in your life.

I have thought for a while this morning about those distractions.  Maybe we should watch less TV.  Maybe we should just spend more time playing games as a family.  Maybe I should take Melissa on more dates.  Maybe I should delete my Twitter account to focus more on the church.  There are a lot of maybes.  Some of them I will follow through with…and some…well…some I will just manage differently.

The fact of the matter is, Chad Henne is the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins.  That is his job…and that is his focus.   What are your primary roles?  What are the two or three things in your life that you need to focus on?  And…what are the distractions that are keeping you from doing so?

We could all learn a little something from Chad Henne about getting rid of distractions.  And…if you pay attention this season…you will see you can learn a lot about playing the QB position (breakout year coming for Henne.  Go Phins!  (Yes…I had to go there).

Think about it.  Are the distractions worth it?


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