The light of Christ

Tragedy has struck  a family that is close to some of our worshipers at Mt Etna.  The grief and pain is so great in this particular situation and I cannot imagine the heartache that the family is experiencing.

However, they may not realize it now…an may not realize it for quite some time…but they have God’s angels all around them.  The interesting thing is that I doubt those people who are serving as angels realize the role that they play.

I have had the blessing of seeing these people join the church in the last two years and grow in their relationship with Christ.  While they may think they have a great distance to go…I believe that God has deemed them ready to serve.  As I hear stories of how God is leading them to be there for the family…I hear testimonies of people becoming the light of Christ for this family.

Will they ever realize what is taking place?  I don’t know.  I hope they do.  I hope they understand how God is using them to bring about healing and restoration.

As they answer the call of God on their life at this time…it warms my soul to know that they have grown greatly in their relationship with Christ.

If you can manage to pray for this family who experienced this unspeakable tragedy…please lift them up.  You don’t need their name or the situation.  God has all that data.  I just ask that you pray for their healing.


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