Rebuilding Gary 2010

We just returned on Saturday evening from an amazing missions trip to Gary, IN to assist in the continued rebuilding following the floods of 2008.  It is easy to forget about the many people who are affected and still without homes in NW Indiana.

We worked on three locations.  The first was a house that was foreclosed on and LARRI was purchasing this home for a displaced family.  A group of hardworking women cleaned that house up for the new residents.

The second location was the ground floor (literally) of a new build.  We were given the task of installing the floor for a 75 year old woman who lost everything.  Her old home was destroyed when the flood-water reached her roof.  FEMA came in and offered her $8,000 to rebuild.  It cost $15,000 to tear down her old home.  Add that to the fact that she only brings in $375/mo. and she has a problem.  Fortunately, the good people at LARRI and many volunteers like the amazing people from Mt Etna UMC are working hard to give her a home that is safe.

Finally, we did some landscaping and cement work for a home that was completed in January.  As we worked the woman living in the home worked along with us, provided us snacks and drinks, and continually expressed her gratitude and thanks for the work that we were doing.

Over the course of a month, I will be spending three multi-night trips away from home.  I don’t enjoy being away from home and my family so three trips in a month does not create great anticipation for me.  However, I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything.  Not only did we see how God blesses others through us, but we saw how God blesses us through our work.


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