A ministry worth supporting!

The Pregnancy Help Center of Grant County is a cause that my wife and I are huge fans of.  The issue of abortion and the well-being of young children is important to both of us and has only become more important as we have been blessed beyond measure with two wonderful children.

On June 12, 2010 the Pregnancy Help Center will be holding LifeWalk 2010 in Marion, IN.  While I will be away at Annual Conference that weekend, Melissa will be participating in the walk to support such an important and noble cause.

Here is a list of the various resources and ministries that the Pregnancy Help Center provides:

-Client Helpline
-Pregnancy tests
-Pro-life education on pregnancy, abortion, and adoption
-Maternity and baby clothing
-Mentoring support
-The Journey Ahead (for dads)
-Parenting classes
-Adoption education and referrals
-Post-abortion recovery support
-Chastity speakers for youth groups and schools

Through these programs and offerings many lives have been impacted and saved!  We are honored to support such a cause and would like to extend an invitation for you to join us in ensuring that this ministry continues.

If you are interested in supporting Melissa as she walks to support this cause, I ask you to email me at pastortj@gmail.com.  We appreciate any level of support ( not by mile…rather a simple flat amount) you can provide and look forward to strengthening this ministry along with you.

Pregnancy Help Center Mission:
It is the mission of Pregnancy Help Center to affirm the biblical view of life, sex, marriage and family by providing life-affirming education, support and referrals to women and families of Grant County.


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