Turn the light on!

Maggie's toy JesusMaggie (our 2 yr old) got over $40 from an Easter egg hunt at her great-grandparents’ Easter celebration.  I was a little dismayed when, just before leaving, I realized that I had more money in my wallet that belonged to her than I had that belonged to me.

Melissa and I decided to let her decide how she would handle this large amount of money.  Ultimately, she decided to save most of it.  But…she did decide to purchase what she calls her “Jesus toys”.

I was proud that her first purchase…all by her big-girl self…was a toy that we could use to teach her the stories of Jesus.  Little did I know…she would teach me something crucially important about the Church…and myself.

As we were driving home from our L.I.F.E. Group, Maggie was playing with her toys in the backseat.  It was dark out (and way past her bedtime).  There is a light above her seat that we occasionally turn on so she can see to play…and believe me…she knows it is there.

As we drove along highway 9, I hear the words of a precious little girl from the backseat saying, “Daddy…turn on the light so I can see Jesus.”

Do I really have to go on?  Isn’t that the message that the Church needs to hear?  It has little to do with the lighting, the music, the time of service, the attire, or a number of other trivial things.  The purpose of the Church is to turn the light on so people can see Jesus.  There is a reason that Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world.  Sometimes, it just takes a 2-yr old to get us back to the place where we remember that our goal is  to turn the light on…so the world can see Jesus.


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